Monday, October 14, 2002

It is a long known fact that whenever the United States wants to advocate its foreign policy through a non-diplomatic channel it usually echoes in its newspapers. This was the case in 1979 when a senior American official writing in the Washington Post warned of "dire consequences" should Pakistan's Prime Minister, Bhutto not comply with the "great white elephant" as he (Bhutto) once famously put it. The matter at the time was Pakistan's fledgling nuclear weapons program. The Americans wanted it rolled back and for Pakistan to settle into a nice and quiet state under the ever-looming shadow of India. The crux of the matter is that Pakistan would be a banana republic had the program not started. There were other issues at the time that directly relate to the nuclear matter. Bhutto wanted to unite the Islamic world. He wanted to create an Islamic block and unite all the Muslim nations. He called a meeting of the OIC (Organization of Islamic Countries) during the mid 70’s and it convened in Lahore. Bhutto, Moammer Qaddafi and King Faisal of Saudi Arabia were especially united in this cause. This didn't please the West (United States) one bit. Bhutto was a dangerous man and had to be gotten rid of. Kissenger warned him, Democrat and Republican went hand in hand and warned him. The consequence; Bhutto was hung in a coup, Faisal was killed in a coup and Qaddafi's Libya was reduced to an international pariah state. The senior American official that I speak of is the American Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. It is safe to assume that Kissenger, a Jewish immigrant from Germany, must have been severely vexed by Pakistan’s stubborn, dogmatic and uncompromising stance towards Israel. Pakistan, then and now, refuses to accept the existence of Israel. In the globalised world that we live in today this would be detrimental if one were to bring up issues such as trade and economic ties, etc. But unlike the Arab states that crumbled under American pressure and accepted Israel, Pakistan stuck to its ideological belief. That being, that to usurp someone’s land and claim it as a "promised holy land" is absolutely wrong. Moreover, the continual daily humiliation towards its native inhabitants adds salt to the already gaping wounds. What this reminds me of is colonization. What the Jews have done is colonized Palestine. Slowly, but surely they will freeze out the " grasshoppers" (former Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meirs description of Palestinians) and then within another one hundred years the colony would have been well settled, stable and accepted easily within the world community. The Palestinians will be reduced to mere natives. Their treatment would be like those of Australian and American (whole continent) natives. Their daily humiliation will not become a world hot topic, but an internal matter of discrimination, just as it has become in the Americas and Australia. But, they wont be referred to as natives; for such a referral would be a symbol of recognition of their status as the original inhabitants. They would be systematically frozen out and forced to live in the slums of society and eventually not recognized. Ali.
Germany, and the people of Germany have my blessings. Gerhard Shcroder: Thank You. Thank you for defying the great despot and in doing so defining true democracy. Thank you for refusing to join the high horse of your close friends. In doing so you and your country have set an exemplary standard of people power. By saying " Sorry Mr Bush, my people wont allow me to support you in attacking Iraq" you have truely in one tiny yet symbolic act of defiance given power to your people. Power to the People.